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You Are My Baby…..

…..and I’ll look after you for as long as you’re with me.

Mummy Loves Lamb

Sheep In Early Morning Mist

Very early one morning in May. The sun was trying to burst through the mist. Taken from my back yard with Berry Farm in the background. I love those mornings.

Sheep In Morning Mist 2C

Woolly Web

Wool caught in the fence where sheep have been scratching themselves. It looks like a web as it shows up in the setting sun. Taken at Wester Quarff, Shetland.

Sheeps Wool Fence Quarff

Out Standing In Their Field

Just love ’em, smell and all.

Sheep In The Sun 2B Sheep In The Sun B

Would Have Taken Her Home…..

…..if I’d been able to catch her.

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Smiley Sheep

Bridge End, Burra, Shetland.

The same beautiful day but at Burra now. Love when people still live in the old cottages and keep them habitable. I see the owner outside with his dog. A dream place to stay especially on a day like that. No sheep were harmed at the meeting.

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House At Bridge End Burra

Wheels Meet Legs

Portrait Of A Sheep

This is one of the sheep that came running down the hill towards me and Levi. They were so curious as to what the littly black furry thing was that it seemed to overcome their fear of me. A good long stare by them was a an excellent chance for a photo.

Portrait Of A Sheep

Ingaville House, Scalloway.

Two different treatments of Ingaville House behind the hill. Taken from my back yard.

A Strange Mix

Three very different photos with various treatments.

Berries and ewe. A close up focus of berries on the trees in my garden with a ewe in the field beyond.

Guitar head.

Sparrow on the roof.

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I Love Ewe

Shetland is not short of sheep I’m pleased to say. I love them. I had my own caddy lamb as a teenager because the owner, presuming it was going to die because it was weak and lifeless, gave it to me.

But I sat with it at an open peat fire to warm it up and did the best I could as a youngster and it lived. It was a beautiful lamb. The only thing I didn’t like was leaving it all week because I had to go to school in Lerwick from Sandness, but at least I got to be with it at the weekends. I guess that was when my love for sheep was born.

Here are a few of my recent sheep pics.

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