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Sunset Scenes

Always a variety of scenic subjects in the sunset at Hamnavoe, Burra. A beautiful evening for the youngsters out rowing in the yoal.

Stonework Grass SunsetRowing Boat In The Sunset Hamnavoe

Dandelion Clocks Sunset

Spring Flowers And Fine Food…..

… Voe, Shetland.

Voe House Voe Pierhead Restuarant, Voe

Wet March Day On Commercial Street, Lerwick.

Wet Commercialt Street Lerwick Wet Commercial Street Lerwick 2

Lerwick Library, Formerly St Ringan’s Church.

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Lerwick Library St Ringan's Church

Close Up Becoming Abstract

Two very different images – each a little abstract in their own way. The Scalloway Castle window with the sun shining in through the rust saturated stone and perspex window. The other is iron railings with smiley faced fish against the sun.

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Scalloway Castle Window Abstract_pe 900 AM Smiley Fish

Castle Drama

Scalloway castle on a cloudy day.

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Scalloway Castle


Around Scalloway On Boxing Day

A variety of images taken with nearly numb fingers on a very cold Boxing Day.  From calm waters to an illegally parked balloon.

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Scalloway In The Low Winter Sun

Another calm day in Scalloway. I never tire of taking photos in and around Scalloway. The weather makes every photo unique. I gave this one some HDR treatment.

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Different Ways Of Seeing

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Lerwick Town Hall

The Lerwick Town Hall has been given an overhaul…… me! It’s hard work sitting in a computer chair re-pointing buildings. 🙂

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