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Lying at Voe Pier, Shetland.


Images From Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland.

Two very different images from Hamnavoe, Burra. The first is the fishing boat ‘COMRADES’ coming in to the pier with a catch, followed by very hungry seagulls.

The second is looking under Hamnavoe Pier with the sun shining through creating shadows and reflections.

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Comrades Coming In To Hamnavoe (2B) 800Under Hamnavoe Pier HDR (Btr) 2 Sign 800

Scenes At Burra, Shetland.

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Looking Out Clift Sound From Burra_pe 800

Trust At Pier In Burra 3 800

The 'TRUST' at Burra_pe 2 800

The Waiting Game

Small rowing boat at the pontoon in Hamnavoe, Shetland. Just waiting patiently for it’s next trip out to sea.

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Rowing Boat At Hamnavoe Pontoon


Same Day – Different Sea Images

The first image was taken in the afternoon at Meal Beach, Hamnavoe and below is a boat leaving Scalloway in the sunset.

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Island In The Sun (Meal Beach, Hamnavoe)

Boat Leaving Scalloway In The Sunset

Boats And Buoys

There are always reflections of boats and floats to be found in Shetland on a nice day.

Boats And Buoys

Boat Leaving Blacksness Pier

I heard this boat approaching from behind me but I just waited until it had passed in case I missed the best shot of it by having to re-focus.

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Boat Leaving Blacksness

Yacht Arriving In The Sunset

Saw this yacht in the distance and waited for it to come past at the North Atlantic Fisheries College.

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Saving Its Wings

A seagull hitches a ride on a small fishing boat.

Decades Apart

Some are still in use and some are laid to rest.

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