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Blown Away

The weather was truly inclement the other day so I purposely didn’t take the camera out to the car as I thought there wouldn’t be anything to photograph. I happened to notice a leaf stuck to the rain on the roof of my car so ran back to the house hoping that it hadn’t blown away before I got back. But there it was, stuck beautifully to the roof of Henrietta Honda.

Leaf On Car

But Whoever Drinks…..

…… the water I give them will never thirst. John 4: 14.

Jug of water in the window of the lovely Tingwall Chapel.

Jug Tingwall Chapel

Plip Plop

Went out to photograph landscapes and ended up with water pouring from rhone pipes. My first try at photographing moving water. Small beginnings but quite pleased with them.

Rhone Pipe Drips Rhone Pipe Drips

Sands of Sound

The tide was out at the Sands of Sound leaving rippled sand and coloured stones.

Stone On Beach 2

Sands of Sound Beach 4B

Sands of Sound Beach 6B

Meal Beach, Burra.

The frequently photographed beach at Meal, Burra, Shetland.

Sea At Meal Beach 3 Waves At Meal Beach 3

Water In A Bottle Abstract

Just as the title says.

Click on image to enlarge.

Water In A Bottle Abstract

Sun, Sand, Sea and Stones at Sands of Sound.

The s-ence of a title.

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Tingwall Loch, Shetland.

A rare February calm. Days like this gelp get us through the winter. We (myself and my daughter) scared a large flock of geese which we didn’t see in time. They flew off with just a couple of seconds to capture them.

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Tingwall Loch Geese Over Tingwall Loch

Images From Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland.

Two very different images from Hamnavoe, Burra. The first is the fishing boat ‘COMRADES’ coming in to the pier with a catch, followed by very hungry seagulls.

The second is looking under Hamnavoe Pier with the sun shining through creating shadows and reflections.

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Comrades Coming In To Hamnavoe (2B) 800Under Hamnavoe Pier HDR (Btr) 2 Sign 800

Reflections Of Sun Setting On Scalloway

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Scalloway 4 4 13 2b 800


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