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But Whoever Drinks…..

…… the water I give them will never thirst. John 4: 14.

Jug of water in the window of the lovely Tingwall Chapel.

Jug Tingwall Chapel

Close Up Becoming Abstract

Two very different images – each a little abstract in their own way. The Scalloway Castle window with the sun shining in through the rust saturated stone and perspex window. The other is iron railings with smiley faced fish against the sun.

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Scalloway Castle Window Abstract_pe 900 AM Smiley Fish

Broken Glass Abstracts

These abstracts are made from images of broken windows on a small motor boat which is tied up at a local dock. Broken glass can produce many designs and adding colour makes for some very nice colourful images. I hope you like them.

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Broken Window (3)

Broken Window (4)



Broken Window 2




Broken Window


Ivy Surviving The Winter

Ivy is particularly suited to the Shetland climate. It just keeps on being green and growing despite the frost and snow.

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Ivy On The Garden Fence

Different Ways Of Seeing

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Sun Through Shed Windows

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House Among The Trees

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Mandolin Reflection

Mandolin reflecting in a window.

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Mandolin In The Castle Window

I took my mandolin to the Scalloway Castle to photograph it in a different setting. I only had a few minutes to do it as a strange person came into the castle and I admit to being rather afraid. I was the only other person in the castle and I had the key so I had to wait until he had finished looking around before I could lock up. I waited outside – I think it was a good idea. I won’t be going to the castle again by myself.

Stuck In The Great Indoors

I am very much an outdoor person but, having been forced to stay indoors for a few days due to a bad fall injuring my leg, I was able to have my daily ‘click fix’ by trying some still life photos. My sister, Kate, visited and showed me some gooseberries she had bought to make jam for the local Voe Agricultural Show. At my request she gave me one to photograph. Sad person that I am.

So here is Hopalong Cassidy’s still life efforts.

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